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Eck 3900-Up

Type of refrigerant
R134a or HFO1234yf
Service procedure
Fully automatic or manual
220-240V 50/60 Hz
Scale resolution
10 g
Oil scale resolution
5 g
Working temperature range
Filter system
1 filter for humidity (112 g)
Vacuum pump
100 litre/min capacity, 0.1 mbar vacuum level
1/3 HP
Recovery speed
300 g/min in liquid phase
Refrigerant tank
22 litres, refillable (12 litres for HFO)
3 metres
Overall size
55 x 60 x 105 cm
80 kg
Thermal printer
Standard equipment
Pressure gauges
Class 1
Bottle heater Standard equipment


5” Color Display
with icon messaging for easy use.
Automatic HP-LP taps
with possibility to select from which port of the a/c system to recover /charge
Nitro Integrated Nitrogen
and Nitrogen+Hydrogen leak detection with a connection for external tank
Hybrid (patent pending)
Integrated function for service hoses flushing for use with vehicles equipped with electric compressors
Hermetic containers,
for new oil and dye.


Gas Identifier
controlled by the machine.
Hermetic & refillable
containers, for new oils, and for dye (programmable).
Diag (only for R134a)
Dynamic diagnosis module.