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Years of investment and research in the climate- control sector have permitted Ecotechnics to develop a unique technology and design of a new range of machines with special characteristics that meet even strict U.S. standards (SAE J-2788).


1. Stations must recover at least 95% of the gas contained in the A/C system in particularly challenging conditions (low temperature and flooded systems).

Recovering 95% ca. of the gas means:

2. Stations must charge with a tolerance of 14 g l1/2 oz).

Better tolerance means:

Patented Ecotechnics Flusing Kit

Why Flush an A/C System?


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Patented diagnosis system incorporated in the cycling stations

PATENT NO.: EP 1177924 US 6,629,420
Diagnosis is an increasingly critical tool for anyone -climate-control specialists and not -wanting to expand their business to include A/C system repair.


Static Diagnosis
This type of diagnosis utilizes the pressure and temperature values entered by the operator from the station pressure gauges and the thermometer, supplied as standard equipment.

Dynamic Diagnosis
With the pressure and temperature sensors connected to the system, analysis is fully automatic and conducted in real time for the entire duration of measurement.

Sherlock 2000 CLIMA TESTER

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The first A/C system and passenger compartment air purification system fully integrated in a charging station. 2 services in a single



Ecotechnics’ patented singlestation solution for charging standard, hybrid and electric vehicles, and vehicles with electric compressors.



Integrated system for diagnosis of electromechanical problems on A/C systems, featuring printout of diagnosis and problem solutions.



A/C system leak testing by charging with nitrogen from an external bottle (not included) and monitoring pressure drops, with leak alarm.



Collapsible, hermetic cartridges offer full protection against ambient humidity for oil and dye, to guarantee full product efficiency.